7 Ways Greek Yogurt Benefits Your Diet

Greek Yogurt Benefits? Greek yogurt has become quite popular over the past few years. It’s easy to see why a serving of Greek yogurt provides almost as much protein as a serving of meat and contains over four times as much calcium as an equal amount of dairy. The benefits of adding more protein and calcium to your diet are numerous, not the least of which is a healthier heart. Here are seven ways adding more Greek yogurt to your diet can benefit your heart and waistline.

Keeps You Full

It is no secret that people who are obese tend to be more likely to become obese. One of the reasons for this is that even though you may not be hungry for a big meal, you are still hungry! You are hungry for food that will keep you full for longer than a snack or a small meal. Protein and fiber-rich foods, such as Greek yogurt, are great at keeping you full because they slow down the process of digestion. This leads to fewer calories being absorbed by your body, leaving you satisfied for longer without feeling ravenous.

Promotes Digestive Health

Healthy gut bacteria are important for overall digestive health. Protein-rich foods promote the growth of gut bacteria while fiber-rich foods prevent their destruction. Many yogurts are high in both protein and fiber, meaning they are great for promoting digestive health. All it takes is one bad bacteria to grow out of control and cause digestive problems such as bloating, gastrointestinal cramps, and irregular bowel movements. Keeping your digestive system healthy with fiber-rich yogurt can help prevent these issues.

Protects Your Heart

A high-protein diet, like the one found in Greek yogurt, is essential for heart health. Protein helps maintain blood sugar levels and steady your heart rate by reducing your appetite. It also keeps your muscles from wasting away and helps to maintain lean muscles by keeping your metabolism up. By eating protein, you are also keeping your blood levels of calcium, which is important for your heart, at a healthy level.

May Help Manage Diabetes

Diabetes is a rising epidemic in the United States. In order to prevent the disease, people with diabetes need to maintain a healthy weight and keep a close eye on their blood glucose levels. Protein-rich foods are proven to be important for managing diabetes, and Greek yogurt is one of the most protein-dense foods out there. Protein is important for managing blood glucose levels because it slows the rate at which your liver breaks down sugars in your meal. This keeps your blood glucose levels steady so they don’t spike and drop while you are busy doing normal activities. If you are diabetic, Greek yogurt can be a great source of protein and help with managing your blood glucose levels.

May Help With Weight Loss

One of the reasons protein is so important for weight loss is because it helps to keep your appetite at bay. Protein keeps your stomach from contracting and letting food in while protein also keeps your insulin levels low, which means your body has less to do when it’s not eating. Greek yogurt is a great protein source because it is high in both protein and calcium. Calcium is a mineral that is found in many foods but is hard to get enough of in a single serving, so taking a calcium supplement is often necessary. Protein and calcium in one, easy to consume food? Sign me up!

Better Than ICE cream!

Many people think that the best part about Greek yogurt is that it is a high-protein yogurt. While this is one of its benefits, it is not the best part about Greek yogurt at all. Greek yogurt is better than ice cream because it is healthier for you! Yogurt is dairy, but it’s lactose-free and there are plenty of lactose-free dairy alternatives out there. People often avoid dairy because they think it is high in saturated fat, but the truth is, yogurt is full of good bacteria that help you digest lactose!

Greek Yogurt Benefits

Conclusion of Greek Yogurt Benefits

Greek yogurt is packed with protein and calcium, which can help protect your heart and promote digestive health. To keep your gut healthy, opt for yogurt over ice cream. Greek yogurt can also be a great source of protein when you are trying to lose weight. And finally, Greek yogurt is a delicious way to eat more protein than is found in an ice cream scoop!